Luke Chueh — Art Toy artists– vol.11

Luke Chueh is a famous Chinese American artist and art toy designer, born in 1973 and currently residing in the United States. Luke Chueh studied art and design at California Institute of Technology.

His works are dark in color, often filled with violent and bloody scenes, and filled with a sense of despair. However, he likes to use cute animal characters such as bears and rabbits as the main characters in his works, creating a sharp contrast with the gloomy and despairing visual sense.

His works have been exhibited in galleries around the world, and he is also a well-known art toy designer. The most famous art toy images include a depressed or violent bear with a prominent personal style, a Mandalorian drinking milk tea, and so on.


Luke Chueh uses minimalist color schemes and simple animal characters to depict seemingly endless scenes of life’s ups and downs. The integration of various cartoon animal characters seems to balance cuteness and brutality in style, making his works wander between comedy and tragedy.

His most representative work is a simple and sorrowful bear, and Luke Chueh created a series of scenes about the bear’s different emotions and behaviors, often violent, bloody, lonely, and sad. He once mentioned that this anthropomorphic little bear is a self portrait of his past life and an outlet for expressing his emotions. His Bruiced Lee edition series has once again made his Little Bear series popular in the art toy industry.

Luke Chueh, with his highly personal style of “surrealism/low eyebrow art”, not only has astonishing achievements in the field of contemporary art, but also has a high reputation in the world of art toys. Luke loves to use minimalist color schemes, combining cute animal characters with a sense of conflicting fate, perhaps sad, lonely, violent, and bloody, allowing cute and violent aesthetics to blend seamlessly, It has created a unique and charming aesthetic, making Luke’s art works highly sought after and loved by collectors.