Gary Baseman — Art Toy artists– vol.12

Gary Baseman was born in 1960. He grew up in Los Angeles and graduated from the famous university UCLA. Gary Baseman excels in exploring the “beauty of pain and pleasure” in life through painting, acting, movies, and fashion. And his career has also spanned multiple fields, making achievements in commercial art, art toys, game design, TV series, photography, and movies.His works have appeared on the covers of magazines such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, The New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, and Rolling Stone, and have held multiple exhibitions of his personal works both domestically and internationally. His works have been collected by major art museums around the world.

Baseman is a highly productive artist, and there are many high-quality works among them. He has created a series of animated works for Disney and has won three Emmy Awards.This shining resume has also earned Gary Baseman the attention and cooperation opportunities of many famous brands. His collaborative products with the brand in various fields have also been sought after by trendy players.

Baseman has created various cartoon characters to represent interactions between people. In emotions such as love and longing, surprise and joy, there is sometimes a hint of dark complexity, and when these furry characters appear in the form of animals or humans in Gary Baseman’s works, they express his infinite praise for the bittersweet life. When talking about his favorite character, Gary Baseman did not hesitate to choose TOBY. And TOBY is also one of the most famous characters in Gary Baseman’s creations.

Gary Baseman’s character design is always full of contradictions, conflicts, and intense contrasting effects. But when it comes to the contradictions of the characters, Ahwroo is also worth mentioning. He includes the feelings of monkeys and monsters, and he also contains multiple elements such as cuteness, liveliness, and darkness. In his gritted expression, he feels that he needs a lot of attention. The Ahwroo, with its unique and adorable design, has also received high praise in the art toy collection circle as Gary Baseman and APPortfolio have launched a co branded model in the art toy field.

Baseman likes to find a balance between stupidity and intelligence, often blurring the boundary between genius and fools in his works. In his characters over the years, he often satirizes the complex and contradictory aspects of human nature, fully showcasing the contrast between human personality traits. But occasionally there are characters that evoke warmth, such as the character Blackie, inspired by his cat, which reflects Gary Baseman’s feelings and memories of his former friends。